The Law Offices of John Gibson
A doctor-friend of mine  told me that she was taking COVID-19 serious enough that she was updating her will. That got me to thinking. Doctors can afford to update their wills at any time, but I wondered if nurses and hospital staff even had wills to begin with? With free time on my hands thanks to a shelter-in-place order, I set out to create some legal documents that will help. (Please note that no attorney-client relationship is formed by your use of this site and no warranties, express or implied are given. These forms are useful for persons domiciled in Texas only).
The buttons below take you to a form generator that uses the power of artificial intelligence to create legal documents for you. All you have to do is answer the questions and at the end, your legal document will be created and you can either download it or have it emailed to you. No information is stored on our servers and your data is encrypted as it traverses the internet. In fact, your data is not stored between documents, so for each document you will have to re-enter some information. That makes it a little tedious, buy hey, it's free, right? I promise we don't store or keep your data. I made this to thank people, not to spam them.

Thank you to our health care workers and first responders