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Flight Attendants: Is your uniform making you sick?

Gibson Firm is now taking cases for American Airlines Flight Attendants who are being made sick by their uniforms.

Studies have found that most major clothing brands have at least traces of toxic chemicals in them. For most Americans this does not pose an obvious health risk, but for the thousands of people in the airline industry this poses a huge health risk. Airline industry workers, particularly flight attendants, are wearing toxic uniforms for hours on end without the opportunity to change clothes. Often, they carry a small suitcase without many changes in clothing. For flight attendants, exposure to toxic chemicals is a continual, repetitive experience. It is also one that for a small number of people leads to skin rash, headaches, thyroid issues and difficulty breathing.

Flight attendants experiencing adverse reactions to their uniforms have limited options. Industry executives have acknowledged there is a problem but thus far have refused any meaningful remedy. Therefore, the best option for flight attendants is to file a workers' compensation claim. It is illegal for a Texas employer to terminate an employee for filing a workers' compensation claim. By filing a claim, you are preserving your job when you have a reaction to the toxins that cause these physical ailments. At the Gibson Firm, we are helping flight attendants suffering a reaction to get the benefits they deserve while preserving their jobs. It is our hope that if we can get enough flight attendants to join together, we may be able to force the industry to take action.

Occupational Diseases ARE Compensable Under Texas Workers Compensation Law

Gibson Firm is an experienced law firm helping Texans made sick at work.

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