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Do I have to let my employer go with me to the doctor's appointments?

Do I have to let my employer go with me to the doctor's appointments?

If your employer wants to go with you to the doctor, keep in mind that Texas is an employed-at-will state.  What that means is, is you can be hired and fired at anytime by the company.  And so, if you tell someone with your company that they can't go with you to your doctor visits, they do have the right to fire you.  

However, do you want someone from the company going with you to your doctor visits?  Because what usually ends up happening in those visits is that person from the company is there to put pressure on your doctor to just release you, to just get you off of workers' comp entirely.   Also, if a nurse case manager, someone with the insurance company, goes with you to your doctor visits, stop and think about it.  Is that nurse case manager there to help you, or is that nurse case manager, who's being paid by the insurance company, there to help the insurance company?   

What you want is you want to go see your doctor and be able to see your doctor free and clear of any outside influence on that relationship that you have, that doctor-patient relationship.  And so if somebody's wanting to go with you to go see you doctor, tell them no.  Tell them they can sit there in the waiting room until you get done, or just tell them to go home.  They don't need to be going into your doctor visits.

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