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How do I find a doctor to treat my workers comp injury?

How do I find a doctor to treat my workers comp injury?

When you get injured on the job, you need a doctor.  And the problem is, is how do you find a doctor when so few doctors take workers' compensation for payment.  All insurance companies are supposed to have a network of doctors that they maintain that you can go see.  And you see one of the insurance network doctors, just like with your regular health insurance or HMO, there's HMO networks, the same thing applies with workers' comp.  There are workers' compensation networks.  And the workers' comp insurance adjuster will want you to go see one of the doctors within their network.   

There are a number of rules that apply whenever it's a network claim versus a non-network claim, or if you're in the rural area and can't even get to a network doctor.  And so that's why it's important that you talk to an attorney so that the attorney can inform you of these different rules and so that you can make your choices appropriately with the advice of an attorney.

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