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How do I pay an attorney?

How do I pay an attorney?

When you get injured on the job and your employer carries workers' comp, your workers' compensation attorney is paid based upon the amount of time that a case takes.  So if it's a complicated case, if it's a case that's going to take a lot of time in order to process and get taken care of, then that attorney is keeping track of their time, and they submit their time to workers' comp.   

Workers' comp then has to review our timesheets to make sure we're not doing anything unethical or doing things that are against the law. In other words, that we're not overbilling our clients.  They then send those timesheets on to the insurance company and tell the insurance company to take out - out of what is paid to the claimant, that I can out 25 percent to pay us in attorney fees until attorney fees are paid. 

But the attorney gets paid only if the claimant is getting paid.  So in other words, if your claim is denied and you don't prevail on your case at a contested case hearing, you don't pay that attorney anything by way of attorney fees or anything for expenses.  For me, the attorney representing the claimant, that makes it very important that I do a good job for my client, because the only way I get paid is if my client gets paid.

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