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How does workers comp affect my health insurance?

When you're injured on the job and your employer provides health insurance, oftentimes people are worried what happens if I lose my job, how's that going to affect my health insurance? If you're injured on the job and your employer provides health insurance and you're worried about losing your job, your employer has to continue paying for your health insurance premiums.

If your employer decides to quit paying your health insurance, then your employer has to give you notice of that. They have to increase the amount of worker's comp benefits they pay you, such that you then are allowed to pay your health insurance premiums privately out of the increase of worker's comp benefits that you get. One of the things that happens though is, no one tells you that they've cut off your health insurance.

That's why it's important to have a lawyer because one of the things that we do is we audit that and we make sure that you do get every single last dime you're entitled to, so that way you can pay those health insurance premiums if they cut off your health insurance.

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